Contact Details
To book an assessment session or to find out more about what I can offer you, please contact me via telephone or e-mail.

Telephone: 07812 372 708


The fee is £55 per session (which lasts 50 minutes).  The fee is the same for an assessment session.

I am registered with the following private medical insurers; Bupa, Aviva, Standard Life, Cigna, Pru Health, and CS Healthcare.  If you wish to use your private medical insurance to cover the cost of the sessions, you will need to contact your insurers and discuss this with them first.  

24 hours notice is required if you are to cancel a pre-arranged appointment otherwise the full session fee will be charged.

"The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation...The hand is the cutting edge of the mind"
Jacob Bronowski

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